Frequently Asked Questions at Harex Inc. Fire Prevention Specialists

Q: How often do smoke alarms have to be replaced?

A: Most smoke alarms must be replaced at between eight and ten years, depending on the manufacturer. Look carefully at your smoke alarm. It may have a replacement date label on it.

Q: Do I need a smoke alarm in every bedroom?

A: In the province of Ontario as of January 2015, all newly constructed homes under a 2015 building permit are required to have smoke alarms installed in every bedroom. Each smoke alarm must have a strobe light built into it. All of the smoke alarms must be interconnected.

Q: How often must I replace the batteries in my smoke alarms?

A: Smoke alarm batteries should be replaced, at minimum, once annually, but we suggest that it is better to replace the batteries twice per year, in the spring and fall.

Q: How often does my fire alarm system need to be tested?

A: According to the Ontario Fire Code, you must have your fire alarm system tested annually by a licensed fire alarm technician. You are required by law to maintain all of your fire alarm paperwork for a minimum of two years.

Q: What type of maintenance is required for fire hydrant winter preparation?

A: In the northern climates, susceptible to winter freezing, it is always best to pump the water out of the fire hydrant in the winter to make sure the fire hydrant is dry inside the barrel. Inspect the fire hydrant for any visible damage and lubricate the fire hydrant ports.

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